Advantages of studying abroad in the UK

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Studying abroad can provide many opportunities for you to grow both academically and personally. From improving your employment prospects to developing your language skills, discover why so many students now choose to study overseas and how it may help you succeed in the future.

Improve your language skills

There is no better way to learn a new language than by immersing yourself in it completely. No matter what degree subject you study in the UK, you will develop your language skills alongside your subject knowledge. Your lessons will be taught in English and you will speak it every day with your teachers and friends.

As well as socially, you will also be able to improve your language skills through your lessons. If you feel you need extra preparation before starting your programme in the UK, you can study an intensive English language course prior to studying your chosen subject. Good English language skills are essential if you wish to study an undergraduate degree in the UK – as well as being highly valued by employers around the world.

See the world

A big reason to study abroad for many students is the chance to travel and explore the world. The UK itself is made up of four different countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – allowing you to explore exciting new destinations whilst studying for your degree.

Leeds International Study Centre is located in a vibrant northern English city and is popular with both British and international students. Leeds is famed for its arts, sports and entertainment options, making it a great base for your time in the UK.

The UK’s geography is hugely varied, offering everything from bustling cities and historical villages to countryside and coastline. Leeds is only a short distance away from the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, offering you the best of both worlds.

Studying in the UK gives you easy access to the rest of Europe. Nearby countries are easily accessible via affordable and regular flights, making it convenient to enjoy a weekend away in a different European city.

Discover a new culture

Students who study overseas can gain the ability to see life from another perspective. The UK is a multicultural place made up of many different nationalities and cultures. By living here, you will meet people from other backgrounds, allowing you to learn more about how other people live whilst developing cross-cultural awareness. By making new friends or by just trying different international food, you are sure to discover many new cultures during your time here.

Grow as a person

An international education benefits you personally as well as academically. Moving to a different country to study helps you gain independence. Not only will you have the typical student responsibilities of shopping, cooking and cleaning, but this may be the first time in your life you live in a different country from your family as you navigate new cultural experiences without them.

As well improving your subject knowledge and language abilities, you will also gain valuable life lessons. It’s an exciting time, during which your confidence will grow as you take responsibility for your own decisions and choices.

Increase your career opportunities

One of the best reasons to study abroad is to improve your career prospects. Graduates who have studied abroad are in high demand amongst employers. As well as subject knowledge, international students have excellent language skills, independence and a knowledge of different cultures, which may set you apart from graduates who studied in their home country.

Studying overseas can also give you the opportunity to undertake a work placement as part of your studies. Work placements provide valuable practical experience which may complement your academic learning in the classroom.

Make friends from around the world

Studying overseas will grow your social network. It gives you the opportunity to make a wide circle of friends from many different backgrounds. This is personally rewarding and can also improve your career success. When your university friends graduate, they may become part of your professional network and provide valuable connections to others in your industry.

Study abroad tips and advice

If you have decided to start your academic journey by studying abroad, here are our top tips to make the most of the experience:

  1. Make new friends – This will make your time abroad spent outside of the classroom more fun, and can offer the emotional support you need whilst away from home.
  2. Try new things – Student life is not only about studying your subject, but learning more about yourself, the world around you and developing your confidence. Trying new things, whether music or food, is the perfect way to do this.
  3. Research and plan before your arrival – Since you will be spending the next few years of your life at university, you should make sure it is the right fit for you. Look at more areas than academic rankings. Try researching the location and see if it works for you. Do you want to live in a big city or a small town? You can also prepare for your arrival by researching what to pack, airport pickups and transfers, and budgeting for your time abroad.
  4. Set goals for yourself – Setting yourself goals at the start of each term can help you achieve more both academically and personally. Whether it’s about learning a new skill related to your subject area, or trying a new cuisine at a local restaurant, personal goals are a way to make sure you make the most out of your time abroad.
  5. Remember to study – You came to the UK to get a great education, so it’s important to dedicate time to studying what you learn in class. Studying will help you get to where you want to be, and if that place is the University of Leeds, the Leeds International Study Centre may be the right fit for you.

To find out more about how you can begin your study abroad adventure, visit our course pages to find the perfect pathway for you.

You can experience these advantages for yourself by applying to the Leeds International Study Centre today.


Why is the UK the best country for international students?

The UK has one of the largest international student populations in the world and because of this, it is very welcoming. The country is highly diverse and offers high quality education. 

Leeds is a vibrant and affordable city with a student population of over 60,000 – making it an exciting place to live and learn.

What are the requirements to study abroad in UK?

There are multiple requirements you need to meet to study abroad, such as a minimum English language level and academic achievements. These will vary depending on the programme and university you wish to attend. 

Is student life hard in the UK?

Choosing to study abroad can be hard but the UK has one of the best student experiences in the world. As the country is so diverse you can you learn new languages, appreciate other cultures and gain a greater understanding of the world.